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    As your brand manager we handle simple to complex tasks at short notice. Think of us as your (VPA) Virtual Personal Assistant.

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    Growing up in the capital of Texas we had to think big, and branding was the way to bring light to a weird city in a Giant STATE!

“Let me take you on a journey!”

A race through life where I’m sitting at the bus waiting for a ride, to working long hours at the office to vacationing on the beach making money while I sleep.

- Quantum Demetrio, Brand Manager -

Demetrios story

Growing up in a bad part of town we had it rough w/my share of troubles. 

At an early age I learned to sell anything I could but slowly working my way up to the home services. By the age of 19 I had started my own landscaping/construction company. Without much business experience, I had to learn marketing, accounting, public relations, taxes, liability, the list is extensive. I went downhill slowly over a period of 10 years due to stress and anxiety!

But while doing the research to get myself out of the slump I was in, I began developing my lost passion for art, design and personal growth to build my self-confidence.

That’s when I noticed a huge problem for web hosting with amazing designers to help and even more, great designers with amazing hosting to offer.

That’s why I decided to take a chance (literally losing everything) and start my life over with a new goal in mind. 

Create a brand building machine that can handle the marketing demands of any scaling business (especially the small ones) and take them to a place where freedom and happiness are possible.

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Time it takes for branding?

Branding usually takes between 30-90 days, with the most rapid notice in first 30 and again in the 3rd month.
This is because our initial implementations must be thoroughly tested before submitting final marketing plan