Developers Guide

We are built for developers! We’re looking to expand and grow our brand along with all our wonderful partners. If you are looking to succeed online then you’re at the right place. Thinking about starting a brand? We’d love to chat with you and any info or resources that we provide you while our discussion […]

WordPress Hosting vs Software Vs Open Source software Here at ATX Web Developer, we love using This is an open source software for anyone to use free of charge. is separate and used for hosting and easy to install WordPress plugins. WordPress Hosting I’ve personally never used as it is a hosting company and […]

Website Features

Table of Contents Basic Features We have many features included in our basic & free website packages Chat Bot You can have live chat bot available on your site. Appointments You can receive online bookings Credit Payments You can receive payments online. Comments You can have customers leave a comment on your post or product. […]